About Me

Github – https://github.com/apizz

Jamfnation – https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/users/24230/aporlebeke

Shortly after starting my IT career in education as a Helpdesk Tech, I took on the project of migrating from Deploy Studio to Jamf Pro (then it was the Casper Suite).

I learned a lot in that first year managing that piece of our environment and made plenty of mistakes.  As I started my second year with jamf, I realized that I had not documented nearly enough what I was doing, thinking, and experimenting with in my first year.  As a result, I ended up making it harder on myself to remember what I’d done, how I’d done it, and why I did it that way, making it more difficult to share what I’d learned with my colleagues and others.

At the time I vowed to document everything in attempt to save myself, my colleagues, and the larger Mac Admin community a lot of pain and heartache, and after over 2 years, I’m finally starting to do just that.

I am:

  • A technophile
  • A coffee addict
  • An educator
  • A gamer
  • A singer
  • A recent Android convert (Pixel 2XL – and loving it)
  • Passionate about process and continual improvement
  • An Eagle Scout

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