Microsoft Edge for macOS Management with Configuration Profiles

If you had bet me just a year or two ago that Microsoft would base their new Edge browser on Google’s open-source Chromium, I probably would have lost some money. That being said, it’s good to see two of the big guys working together to make browsing the web better.

Also with the first release of Microsoft’s Edge browser for Mac, there is a plethora of preferences, both from Chrome as well as new one’s introduced by Microsoft, that can be managed. After diving into the documentation and building on previous work completed for Chrome and Brave, ProfileCreator now supports all of the available Edge preferences for Mac (with a caveat). Shoutout to @andre_db90 over in the MacAdmins Slack for helping with this!

UPDATE: After reviewing previous manifests, I failed to recall that ProfileCreator does in fact support preferences that use dictionaries within arrays … The latest update to the Edge manifest fixes this.

In the case of a few preferences, ProfileCreator doesn’t graphically support what ultimately needs to be produced in a profile’s XML. One such preference is ManagedSearchEngines, as this is formatted as an array of dictionaries. Click the link for more information.

As a result, if you configure this preference you will need to add some array tags around the resulting dictionary in your profile or plist. The XML below is not enough.

Additionally, if you want to manage more than one search engine, you will have to duplicate the dictionary once exported up to 9 additional times (only 10 managed search engines are supported) within the array and update the contained preferences accordingly. Definitely not ideal.

If you already use ProfileCreator, all you need to do is quit and reopen the app to download the latest profile manifests.

If you have any interest in contributing to the ProfileCreator app to provide enhancements or fixes to the current limitations, please feel free to fork the ProfileCreator project and submit a PR. Have other questions or issues? Join the conversation in the #profilecreator MacAdmins channel.

Hope that this helps those looking to manage Edge.

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