Programmatically Installing and Uninstalling MathType 7 Licenses for Mac

After almost 2 years of waiting and asking for the popular MathType software for Mac (then version 6.7) to support Microsoft Office 2016, MathType 7 was released. For schools and other organizations using MathType on Mac, we could finally stop deploying Office 2011! Additionally, the MathType Google add-on allows you to insert both math as well as science equations directly into Google Docs, which is a big plus.

Problematic from a mass deployment standpoint, MathType 6.7 for Mac made the license installation process part of the PKG installer. One admin had a process for this, but this required creating separate installers for each of the hidden .MT6.dsc license files.

With MathType 7, admins finally have a supported and documented method for programmatically installing these licenses. So, rather than having separate installers for each license we can instead deploy a script. Below is the script we now use to install our MathType 7 licenses.

Because we use munki, we deploy this script as a nopkg item that requires our MathType7 munki item and which writes a dummy receipt to prevent reinstallation. Assigning each license to the appropriate manifests then installs both the app and the user’s license.

After successfully testing this process (at the time we did this with version 7.4.2), we discovered that while MathType 7 can be uninstalled this does not also remove the activated license. As a result, if a machine were redeployed to a different user and MathType 7 were reinstalled it would use the previous user’s license.

Speaking with support, there was no information they were able to provide about where this license data is stored locally so we could remove it. In fact, they suggested this information didn’t live anywhere on the machine … which I personally found hard to believe.

Either way, the September 7.4.4 MathType 7 release added the ability in both the GUI and the command line to remove all license information. Unfortunately, the documentation was not updated to indicate how to do this. The GUI license uninstall is shown below (Help > Unlock/Register > Delete all data).

After once again reaching out to support, they shared that running /Applications/MathType/System/MathTypeLib -d uninstalls the license. With this, we created the script below to uninstall our MathType 7 license.

After confirming that the installed MathType 7 version is 7.4.4 or higher, the script runs the new command to remove our license and also remove our dummy receipt.

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