Deploying FL Studio License

Recently, we purchased FL (Fruity Loops) Studio and needed to figure out how we could deploy our license remotely. The software wants you to sign in with your account in order to install a purchased license, however there are instructions for activating the software offline.

The question became, could we install our offline license without needing user intervention. And the answer turned out to be, “yes”.

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Configuring Automatic Lab Reboots with Jamf Pro

In an older, related post, I discussed how we created automated encouragement so users occasionally reboot their Macs.  Additionally, we have configured regular automated reboots of our lab computers through a policy in Jamf Pro to avoid similar issues that can result from infrequent reboots.  This avoids having to do anything with Apple Remote Desktop and achieves the same forceful restart that will complete even if a user has left their account logged in with an unsaved document open.

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For the past several months, I’ve been very involved with a Github project called ProfileCreator, which is an awesome macOS app for building standard and custom configuration profiles for macOS, iOS, and tvOS.

Recently, I had the opportunity to present at the University of Utah MacAdmins meeting regarding the project.

If you currently build profiles using Profile Manager, Apple Configurator 2, your MDM, or other open-source tools, I would strongly encourage you to checkout the ProfileCreator project and the links below!


You’ll find the presentation recording at this link.


A PDF of the slides can be downloaded, here.

Project & Community

To learn more about the project, checkout the Github repository for ProfileCreator and the wiki.

If you’re a part of the MacAdmins Slack group, you can also join the #profilecreator channel there.