Sibelius License (Licence) Server Install & Configuration for Mac

If you deploy Sibelius in your environment, you may or may not have a Sibelius Licence Server to manage the checking in and out of your licenses.  From personal experience, it’s immensely helpful in terms of license management – only having licenses in use when machines are actively running the software-, managing license upgrades, as well as managing deployments.  While not every environment is the same, if you happen to have standalone Sibelius licenses instead of a multi-seat network license, I would highly recommend it.

This post covers the process of setting up a Sibelius License Server and deploying Sibelius to your Macs.  I obviously don’t know your network, so there may be some “gotchas” on that side of things that will require working with your Network Admin to get this working.

The component of this deployment that I found recently some folks were missing (and we missed initially as well) was the local LicenceServerInfo file.  This is what tells Sibelius where to communicate in order to check out licenses, and for whatever reason isn’t well documented.

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